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How do we find the right partners to carry out your work? Presta-Service chooses its partners for their reactivity, professionalism and skills in the field.

Partner information in our CMMS

Example of a partner file in our Harmony database :

  • Company name
  • Company e-mail address
  • SIREN or SIRET of the company
  • Company address
  • Postal code of the company
  • Company city
  • Company's country
  • Company's phone number
  • Company's trade

Service providers

Many maintenance managers find it difficult to manage these service providers and their activities. This is due to the large number of service companies with which they may have to work. The monitoring of service providers' interventions, their rating, the storage of intervention documents and the comparison between service providers and other maintenance managers are often difficult to implement.

This is why Presta-Service works with local service providers,who are checked after each intervention and referenced in the HARMONY database. The usefulness of local service providers lies in the zero carbon emission and thus favour the local economy. Our teams work every day to find service providers close to the intervention sites, to enrich the CMMS. You then have qualified technicians everywhere in France for your shops.

Before entering them into the CMMS, we carry out a complete analysis of the supplier, with their pricing (travel costs, hourly rate, etc.) as well as their availability and their area of action (limited to one department or can travel to several).


As with the service providers, our suppliers are chosen for their responsiveness and their geographical location. Thanks to the referencing of these companies in the CMMS, it is easier to control costs and thus offer you the best equipment at the right price.

Here are the different companies we work with :