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Presta-Service takes charge of the management of the multi-technical maintenance of your sites

This step-by-step approach allows Presta-Service teams to constantly monitor the activity and timing of the various works throughout the country. Each step is detailed in this section.

1. Pre-work stage


A team at your disposal 24/7 with a duty to deal with urgent interventions (in less than 4 hours).


Our team then contacts the site manager. This exchange allows us to find qualified technicians, adapted to your needs.


To finish the Pre-Work stage, our teams establish and validate the estimate. Scheduling of technicians. We coordinate all the participants to carry out work of optimal quality within the time limits.

2. Work stage

  • PLAN

We plan the work according to the availability of the site. We carry out a quick check so that both parties agree on the dates of intervention.


The technicians carry out the work in accordance with the order form. Our project managers are available to provide any additional information to the technicians.

3. Post-work stage


We check each intervention previously carried out during the Works stage with the technician and the site manager. We provide you with a precise report on the work carried out, with photos and a supporting report.


Finally, once the work has been checked, Presta Service will invoice you in accordance with the work carried out. You can consult the traceability of all actions on our Harmony database. It is also possible to transfer them automatically (by EDI) to your business database.