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Presta Service assists its clients in maintaining their property portfolio(s).

Outsourcing maintenance allows our clients to focus their resources on their core business. Entrusting the execution of maintenance work (simple or complex) to Presta Service allows our clients to have a better control of the costs and the quality of the work carried out. By entrusting us with the execution of your work, you can devote yourself fully to the development of your business.

We ensure the quality of the shop network by setting up maintenance plans that can meet the needs of our customers :

  • Conceptual (paint, windows, false ceilings, etc.)
  • Functional (metal curtains, locks, electricity, etc.)
  • Safety (fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire alarms, etc.)
  • Accessibility (disabled access, ...)

Outsourced maintenance : focus on your business

It consists of centralising all the maintenance operations of your property and delegating the management to a qualified service provider. Presta-Service offers trusted services to outsource your maintenance in all trades and optimise the quality of your work.

1. Handling of emergencies

Presta-Service offers a 24/7 emergency service. Emergencies are dealt with as quickly as possible by our technical teams so that you can deal with problems on site at any time. We provide a debriefing to the works manager the next day.

2. Curative maintenance

The Curative maintenance is necessary when your machine breaks down and is in very poor condition. After unsuccessful corrective and preventive measures have been implemented, it is time for Curative maintenanceThis is the last resort for maintenance. Curative maintenance requires you to replace broken parts or even the entire system.

This Curative maintenance covers a fairly wide area, as it can apply to minor or major work. If a part of your system has a bug or defect that cannot be corrected by other measures, it must be replaced. This may be a small part of the system or a major component.

Remplacement d’un barillet de serrure au niveau du rideau métallique

The The curative method also applies when you cannot repair the broken item with a permanent solution. For example, if you puncture a bicycle tyre, you can repair it, but this is only a short-term quick fix. Eventually, the tyre needs to be replaced. This replacement of the tyre is The curative method.

You can find The curative method in all areas of a system where a total renewal is needed.

3. Preventive maintenance

While corrective and curative maintenances occurs when the system fails, preventive maintenance takes a more proactive approach. Of the different types of maintenance,preventive maintenance focuses on finding the problem before it occurs or before it becomes a problem.

The Preventive maintenance is less about fixing problems and more about finding weaknesses in the system.

With regular checks and routine tasks, you can ensure that the system is working at its best. The different parts of the system are broken down and observed to ensure that they are in good working order.

Implementation of regulatory controls on metal curtains

The Preventive maintenance of a computer system is usually carried out via various software platforms. These include anti-virus checks, runtime and cleaning programs, and automatic update programs.

Other forms of Preventive maintenance may also include backing up your files and cleaning your machine regularly. Basically, anything that takes a precautionary measure to avoid problems before they occur falls into this category. It's about taking certain steps to help the system run at its best.

In short, corrective and curative maintenances and curative maintenances solve problems while Preventive maintenance avoids them in the first place. This is the major difference between these types of maintenance.

4. Regulatory control

The purpose of inspections and periodic checks is also to ensure that equipment and installations are maintained in conformity and to intervene in the event of a defect. This implies, if necessary, testing the equipment in order to assess its condition. In fact, the periodic inspection is only an observation that must be completed by repairing any anomalies found and, in general, by ongoing maintenance of all installations.

5. Deployment

Manufacture, logistics and installation of specific furniture or equipment to be put in place at all your sites on planned dates.. For example, all the electrical switches in your shops need to be changed in a given week. Our team is there to find the best technicians to carry out the work, on time. We track all work in each region to ensure your deployment is successful and running smoothly.

6. Makeover

Upgrading the concept of your existing shops. Tous vos magasins suivront donc l’identité de votre marque, de votre concept au détail près. Nos équipes contrôlent après chaque intervention que le concept est bien reproduit sur l’ensemble de vos magasins en question.

Avant/Après d’une mise à jour de concept magasin

7. Maintenance engineering

Maintenance engineering refers to the process of supporting an industrial asset during all phases of its life cycle,from design to dismantling. This process allows to optimise the operation of the asset as well as its cost (global life cycle cost).

Presta-Service organises and supervises the activities and maintenance interventions of your services, with the aim of making production resources and tools more reliable in accordance with safety,health and environmental standards and productivity and quality requirements..