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The process of an intervention corresponds to the pre-work, work and post-work stages in more detail. This is how a request is handled by presta-service.

My problem fits the situation :

Order & Diagnosis part

Arrival of a customer service request

« I need to fix a fire extinguisher to the wall, to be done within a week »

Requests for intervention arrive at Presta Service by email or phone.They are then processed by our teams as quickly as possible. Emergencies have priority at Presta Service but we always respond to our customers on the day of the request.

– Diagnosis by Presta Service

Following the call or email request, our teams call the shops in question to obtain more information (photos, videos, comments from employees, etc.). We evaluate the request and guide us in prioritising the actions to be taken.

Emergencies part

– Emergencies customer service request

« My metal curtain won't open, I need someone quickly »

In case of an emergency request, Presta Service does everything possible to respond quickly to the request. Indeed, as soon as the information is received by the store or the foreman, the Presta Service team actively seeks out technicians in the area for an intervention within 4 hours, 24/7There is also a search for the best quality/price ratio for the technicians to a constant eye on costs .

As soon as we find a technician capable of intervening in time, we send him to the site.

We then plan the intervention..

*If the emergency is during the night and we cannot find a technician before the morning, we advise the store on the actions to take to ensure the safety of goods and people.

Planning and monitoring of the work

– Request for quotation by the customer

« I need to change the tiles in my shop, I need a quote »

  • Receipt of the request

As soon as we receive a request for an estimate, our teams look for local service providers who can provide estimates quickly and with a constant eye on costs We then appoint the "selected" technicians on site to send us their quotes as soon as possible. After receiving the quotes, we analyse them and send the client the best offer according to his needs.

  • Confirmation with the works department / works manager

We then prepare the quotation for the works manager for approval..

On receipt of the signed and agreed quotation,we advise the technician that he can prepare his equipment and set a date to visit the site to carry out the work.

If the estimate is not accepted,we will contact other technicians to possibly obtain better offers than the one refused.

– Planning and follow-up of the intervention

The planning of interventions is carried out in our "Harmony" business database.We centralise all interventions for better internal organisation. We organise ourselves with the work supervisors and the sites in question to carry out the work..

Our teams then consult the various interventions in progress and analyse the deadlines for the interventions.

Quality Control and Intervention Report section

– Implementation of the Quality Control

Currently being written. For any request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone!

– Writing the report

Currently being written. For any request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone!

Invoicing part

– Invoicing by Presta Service

Currently being written. For any request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone!